Unmistakable sound, breathtaking homogeneity, perfect sense of musical style, and a good dose of charm and wit are the special hallmarks of amarcord. The highly varied and diverse repertoire includes songs of the Middle Ages, Renaissance madrigals and masses, compositions of European Romanticism and the 20th century, as well as the a cappella arrangements of world-wide folk songs and well-known songs from soul and jazz. The vocal ensemble is the winner of numerous international competitions (Tolosa / Spain, Tampere / Finland, Pohlheim / Germany, 1st Choir Olympics in Linz / Austria).

This concert at our IAML Congress aims to represent two important Leipzig music traditions. First with chorales from the Thomas-Graduale, which is now kept in the university library, the ensemble exercises musical practice as it was cultivated in the first quarter of the 14th century at the Leipzig Thomaskirche. Second with vocal compositions by Leipzig Conservatory teachers Felix Mendelssohn, Robert Schumann, Carl Reinecke, and others will bring back music life of the 19th century to today's audience.

Before the concert you will have the opportunity to visit the University Library (Beethovenstrasse 6, Forschungslesesaal, 4th floor) and view the Thomas-Graduale.

Catholic Church Music from the Dresden Court

Sächsisches Vocalensemble

Under the regency of August des Starken, the Dresden court developed into a European center of baroque splendor. After the ruler converted from being a Lutheran to a Catholic, Catholic court music was especially promoted in Dresden. Giovanni Alberto Ristori (1693-1753), the court music director Johann David Heinichen (1683-1729), and the double-bass player Jan Dismas Zelenka (1679-1745) created a repertoire of outstanding works for worship and also arranged foreign compositions for use at Dresden. Like much of the Dresden court music, these works are now kept at the Saxon State and University Library (SLUB), where they are available to researchers and musicians. The sources for the concert can be viewed during the post-conference tour.

You will have the opportunity to listen to:

  • Giovanni Alberto Ristori: Litaniae des Sancto Xaverio (Mus.2455-D-1)
  • Jan Dismas Zelenka: Miserere d-moll ZWV 56 (Mus.2358-D-504)
  • Johann David Heinichen: Laudate pueri, Laetatus sum, Nisi Dominus und Lauda Jerusalem (Mus. 2398-D-33)

This concert conducted by Matthias Jung will be performed by Saxonian Vocal Ensemble and Batzdorfer Hofkapelle. These two internationally renowned ensembles feel closely connected to the Dresden musical tradition and work regularly with musical sources from SLUB.