It's all in the mix - Die Mischung macht's - C'est le bon mélange qui compte

... with these words, we advertised IAML Leipzig 2018 at last year’s Congress in Riga. Now, more than 450 librarians, archivists, musicologists, and other professionals in culture are coming to Leipzig to attend the IAML Congress 2018: an overwhelming affirmation for us.

Rupert Ridgewell and the Forum of Sections have put together a truly comprehensive programme of lectures, posters, roundtables, and workshops that provide plenty of subject matter. We thank our colleagues for the enormous commitment and all the speakers for their contributions. In an atmosphere of openness and curiosity, we hope that many stimulating discussions will take place.

The professional programme is extended with numerous library tours, which show the diversity of Leipzig‘s (music) libraries and enrich the professional exchange of ideas. This look behind the scenes should open new perspectives and give input to the participants‘ everyday life.

In the social programme, we draw on Leipzig‘s wealth of musical history, but consciously offer alternatives: with a tour of the city‘s Jewish past and its current Jewish life, with a tour of the peaceful revolution of 1989 and a visit to the Europe-wide renowned Zoo Leipzig. We are delighted to give you the chance to gain a long-lasting impression of Leipzig‘s openness and liveliness during the Congress week.

And of course, Saxon music history should become audible this week! The three concerts “From Leipzig‘s School”, “Masterpieces of the Synagogue / Hebrew and Yiddish Songs”, and “Catholic Church Music from the Dresden Court” highlight exemplary aspects of Saxon music history. It should not come as a surprise to learn that the performing ensembles are closely involved with the libraries.

The post-congress tour to Dresden offers a beautiful opportunity to experience a city, where – influenced by courtly traditions – Saxon cultural and musical history can be experienced in a completely different way.

We are most grateful to everyone who made the Congress possible: the sponsors whose commitment made the diversity of the program conceivable in the first place, and the colleagues of the Leipzig University of Music and Theatre; in particular the IT Department and the Internal Affairs Service, who work behind the scenes to create the necessary infrastructure; our colleagues in the University Library Leipzig, who generously provide their convention rooms, and all other helpers who support us in countless matters, big and small.

The preparation of IAML Leipzig 2018 was a great pleasure – despite all the challenges we encountered. Now we look forward to the upcoming Congress week and wish you a lively and stimulating exchange, enriching encounters with colleagues from all over the world and a happy experience of Leipzig and Saxony!

We offer you our warmest welcome!


Anke Hofmann and the HMT library team

Barbara Wiermann (SLUB Dresden) Thomas Kalk (Public Library Düsseldorf)

Manuel Bärwald (Bach Archive Leipzig)

Kristina Funk-Kunath (Bach Archive Leipzig)

Brigitte Geyer (Public Library Leipzig)

Alan Riedel

Organizing committee