Post-Congress Tour


Foto: lupus in saxonia, CC BY SA 4.0

Saturday, 28.7.2018

Please meet at the bus parking area Dittrichring on the west side of St. Thomas Church. At 8.30 am the coach provided by KVS Bus and Sedan Service will depart for Dresden’s Theaterplatz, where our friendly SLUB colleagues will be expecting the us around 10 am.

The guided tour of the Old Town will begin at 10.15 am We will start at the Theaterplatz at the Semper Opera House, and then go through the baroque Zwinger Courtyard, and then by the Residential Castle to the Cathedral, the former Court Church. Other sights will include the Procession of Princes, a 101 meter mural of the mounted rulers of Saxony (“Fürstenzug”), the Frauenkirche (Dresden’s landmark), and the Brühl Terrace (which is often nicknamed “Europe’s Balcony.”)

At 12.30 pm lunch will be served in the “Kurfürstenschänke’s” cellar tavern, which will offer a choice of three dishes (the price is not included in the tour fees.) There will be an opportunity to briefly visit the adjoining Frauenkirche at 1.30 pm, which promises to be an exquisite dessert.

At 2 pm the guided tour of the Residential Castle will follow. We will visit the Green Vault, the Turkish Chamber and the Giant Hall with the Armory’s standing exhibition. With this we will experience the splendor and glory of historic Saxony, as well as understand the passing of time in this region. Good weather provided, the castle tower will grant an unforgettable final note by showing the magnificent panoramic view of the Dresden and Elbe Valley.

Around 4.15 pm the coach will take you to SLUB’s Central Library. In the Upper Lobby (between the Lecture Hall and the Bib Lounge) you will be able to share and discuss your impressions while enjoying coffee and cake. Afterwards a tour of the library building will close with a presentation of historic items from the Music Department. The treasures will include some of the sources on which the conference concert “Catholic Church Music from the Dresden Court” was based.

The return trip to Leipzig is scheduled for 6.30 pm.