Travel to / in Leipzig

By car

Take the A9, A14 or A38 for the drive to Leipzig. The city centre and various parts of town can be reached directly from the following Autobahn interchanges:

  • A9/A14 from Berlin or Magdeburg exit 23 Leipzig-Mitte
  • A14 from Dresden exit 26 Leipzig-Ost
  • A9/A38 from Munich or Erfurt exit 31 Leipzig-Süd
By plane

The Leipzig/Halle Airport (LEJ) is at the Schkeuditzer Kreuz, an Autobahn intersection of A9 and A14, and is directly accessible using public transportation.Lufthansa offers five daily flights from Frankfurt to Leipzig and up to four from Munich. There are also individual (not daily) flights from Vienna with Austrian Airlines and with Swiss from Zurich.Reach the Leipzig Main Station and the City-Tunnel-Stations using the rapid transit system (S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland) by taking either the S5 or the S5X line. "Leipzig Main Station" can be reached in just 14 minutes and  "Marktplatz Leipzig" in 16 minutes. You need to buy a ticket for three fare zones (4,60 €) to go to the city centre.Leipzig‘s main railway station is a two-hour ride from any of the Berlin airports. From the Frankfurt airport, the trip (ride) takes approx. three and a half hours by train.

By train

Located directly in the city‘s center, Leipzig‘s main railway station offers a variety of good and fast intercity connections. Direct hourly ICE-connections to Leipzig exist from Hamburg (3 h), Berlin (75 min.), Frankfurt (3 h), Erfurt (45 min.), Munich (3:15 h), Nürnberg (2 h), and Dresden (1 h).

How to get to the University of Music and Theatre (HMT)

From Leipzig Main Station there are various ways to reach the congress‘ main venue at the University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" Leipzig: By foot through the city center in 25 minutes, by bicycle (nextbike) in 10 minutes, with bus number 89 (bus stop: “Wächterstraße“), or with streetcar numbers 10, 11 (tram stop: “Münzgasse“) or numbers 2, 8, 9, 14 (tram stop “Neues Rathaus“).

Public transport

Information on public transport can be found on the website of the Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe

Tickets for buses and trams within Leipzig (Farezone 110)
Single ticket for up to four stops on a bus OR tram without changes1,90 €
Single ticket, valid for one hour, unlimited changes2,60 €
Day ticket for one person, valid 24 hours7,40 €
Day ticket for two persons traveling together, valid 24 hours11,30 €
Ticket for seven consecutive days26,10 €
Travelling by S-Bahn (Local or regional trains)

All tickets above EXCEPT FOR “Kurzstrecke” are valid in local trains (S-Bahn) too.


Airport transfer by local train (S-Bahn) to / from leipzig

You need to buy a ticket for three fare zones (4,60 €)


Where to purchase tickets

- At vending machines at all major stops as well as in trams

- on the buses all drivers sell tickets

- By using Leipzig mobile App & Easy.GO App

Rental bikes: Nextbike

Rental bikes can be booked via Nextbike.

IAML Congress participants qualify for seven free rides of up to 30 minutes during the Congress week. Please use the provided voucher code 506750 before checking in. It is essential to have created anaccount before starting the booking process.

  • Create an account
  • Look for available bikes in your vicinity on the map in the app
  • Scan the QR code with the app
  • Go
  • Leave the bike at a designated area and check out
  • The voucher code is valid between 22 and 28 july: 506750